Everyday when we wake up we have the opportunity for a new beginning, new opportunities, new experiences and new changes we want to make in our lives basically we start fresh…clean the slate…and for the great things we have going on in our lives we can enhance them.

So today is your day, your day to take the first step and take personal responsibility for you and you alone can change your course so let’s do this together so we can Zest Up your life.

It all starts with getting your body moving and getting to that place of physical vitality where we live with great enthusiasm and energy. I am challenging you to commit yourself for the rest of this month to workout daily and to see and explore how this truly can change your life.

Now the key is to choose a fun exercise or exercises and combine them into a workout routine and start with doing this Two Minutes at a Time. Rest in between and then go at it again. When you choose the exercises that you enjoy you will continue to do them and then you can shake it up by doing that exercise a little different then the standard. So if you like Running or Walking, add some sprints in the middle or speed walking Zest It Up!

You will be amazed at how your life can start to change when you change the way you are thinking about things and setting yourself on the path to Living that Zestful Life.

Now let’s get started!

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