You ever have that feeling that it feels like you have a mountain on your shoulders? Hell we all do. At times in our lives it just seems that everything is bearing down us but you know what? We create all that. It’s not all that bad to be dead honest with you.

Just like when you start to workout for the first time in a long, long time you need to set those small goals so that you do not get overwhelmed. Break it down into days to start and then once you have developed that momentum you can start to target those down the road dreams for your Physical Vitality(PV).

Start by getting the Fit in Two app and doing one two minute workout daily and then start to increase the number of two minutes workouts you do. Soon you will start to realize that you have been doing this for a month and then two. Keep it up.

This is not insurmountable you have it with in you. As your PV increases you will start to see how this will affect the rest of you. You will be happier and living in a totally different state of mind. Keep at it…The Climb is Worth It!

Now let’s get started!

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