Exercising and Working out is not that hard, right? I know you are thinking who the hell are you to say that well straight up it is not! We all seem to make things harder then they really need to be.

So let’s Take One! Take one exercise from walking to running to pushups to planks and let’s have at it. You know one exercise can be done in so many different ways that it can be fun to see the variations you can come up with.

For today, I have chosen the classic Jumping Jack. So I am going to fire up the Fit in Two app and choose JJ’s for two minutes. I am going to do the normal mode of hands and legs together and then jump with my arms and legs to the side and then bring them back and do this for about 30 seconds and then I will switch by keeping my arms going to the side but now I will have my legs go forward and back….shaking it up a bit…..now we have variation…..at the next interval of 30 seconds I am going to now bring my arms in front of me and raise them up and down while changing my leg movement back to side to side….you get the picture and when I finish up I will have hit many body parts with one exercise.

So you see take one exercise and shake it up a bit and have fun with it. Keep at it and realize that yes of course you can do 50 different exercises but you can spice up your workouts with choosing just one and be creative and have fun with it. That’s the key to fitness and getting to physical vitality is to enjoy the exercises you do so you continue to comeback and make you a better you.

Now let’s get started!

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