Gas is on the Right

So we are three weeks into 2019 and this is where many people are facing that proverbial wall that they have made a commitment to becoming physically fit yet the mornings are colder, the days are a bit colder and oh wouldn’t it be nice to just to get curled up in a blanket and let’s try this another day. The motivation factor is diminishing and the wall is in

The Climb is Worth It

You ever have that feeling that it feels like you have a mountain on your shoulders? Hell we all do. At times in our lives it just seems that everything is bearing down us but you know what? We create all that. It’s not all that bad to be dead honest with you. Just like when you start to workout for the first time in a long, long time you

Flip the Switch

It’s Electric! Well at least it can feel like that. We can change our lives at a moments notice by switching 180 degrees from where we are headed to where we really want to go. You have it in you to make you a better you. I know you are thinking how many you’s can be put into one damn sentence! If I got you thinking then I am on

Rome was not built in a day

Just like Rome your fitness and physical vitality takes time. Don’t rush it just commit to doing it! By breaking down your workouts into small increments and doing it daily will create massive momentum for you. Starting with two minutes at time, one pushup at a time, one squat at a time….you get the point! You are building a better you! Now…Let’s Get Started!!


As the sun rises it is time for that fresh start. It does not matter what you did yesterday as this is a new day. Don’t hold onto what you could have done yesterday it is in the past! New opportunities to enhance your physical vitality start just as the sun peaks at us and realize the beauty of it and how that can invigorate you. Let the vibrance of

It all starts with the first movement!

Physical Vitality is not a resolution to be making each year on January 1! Physical Vitality is a lifestyle choice so throw out that resolution and make a calendar entry that you are going to dedicate at least two minutes a day to working out. Once you are doing this you will see the changes in your life and in your overall physical health. Then I challenge you to add

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