How many times have you heard this? Well when it comes to getting into shape, starting to exercise and working out…excuses can halt you right in the tracks of making progress. It is time to put them away and be personally responsible.

It starts now. Commit. Commit. Commit. Repetition is the mother of skill. In order for you to improve your physical vitality and health, you have to make this something you do all the time and on a consistent basis. It can not be on a whim and when you just feel like it.

Many of us may wonder about professional athletes on how they are so skilled in their craft and how they got there. They spend hours upon hours daily on honing their craft. We do not see them when they are at the gymnasium practicing their floor routines at 5am or shooting jump shots at 11pm or running sprints in a cold rain on the track when no one is around. They just do it.

A perfect way for you to start is to grab the Fit in Two app and commit to doing Two Minutes of exercise every day. You can look at your Workout History and be able to feel good that you are doing this daily. Make it a habit. You can do a different exercise each day for 30 days or add your own in. It is a no Non-Sense app that is focused on exercising Two Minutes at a time. Download it today and remove the excuses!!

Now let’s get started!

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