The days of having to workout hour upon hour are over for a large majority of people. We have many things that we want to spend our day doing outside of the most time consuming which is work!

HIIT(High Intensity Interval Training) workouts have become more popular as you can really bust it for a short period of time and get maximum benefits. These types of workouts allow you to mix in many exercises that will give you that full body workout and leave you feeling a tad tired and sweaty but also quite damn good.

Fit in Two is perfect way to start to bring these types of workouts into your daily workout routine. Short bursts of time doing some fun exercises that hit the whole body now that’s what I am talking about.

Try to look at working out as a small time slot of your day say 15 minutes. Now break that down into about 6 Two Minute intervals with 20 to 30 seconds rest in between and boom there ya go you just completed your workout for the day.

Using Fit in Two daily will allow you to Fit in Two your new lifestyle, Fit in Two your new outlook on life, Fit in Two your motivation to have more physical vitality and Fit in Two your refreshing new positive self!

Now let’s get started!

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