I bet you were thinking 30 pushups, right? No this is much more than that this is 30 days! We are talking about 30 days of commitment that is. Do I have your attention?

Now is the time no more of this talking about it that you will workout and get in shape and then you have a “Not” today and then another and then another…. you get the point.

What I am challenging you with is to commit to working out for 30 days in a row! We are going to make this part of your routine so that after 30 days this will become habit and you will want to do this on a daily basis.

Now what I am not asking you to do is spend hours upon hours on this, I am just asking for you to give it two minutes each day. Grab the Fit in Two app from the App Store (it’s free) and you can track your progress over the next 30 days. So this is it give me two minutes a day of any exercise that makes you feel good or multiple exercises and let’s make this a routine for you. Before long you are going to see the results and please comment on the post so I can hear about your progress.

Now let’s get started!

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