So we are three weeks into 2019 and this is where many people are facing that proverbial wall that they have made a commitment to becoming physically fit yet the mornings are colder, the days are a bit colder and oh wouldn’t it be nice to just to get curled up in a blanket and let’s try this another day. The motivation factor is diminishing and the wall is in front of you.

Well you know what…put those thoughts aside and put the pedal to the metal, the Gas is on the Right! In order to go forward this cannot be a “Not” today day. It is time to kick start your motivation.

So I am raising the stakes on you now to make it a daily habit to do some type of activity to get moving. I am not asking for you to go to the bloody gym for 2 hours and stare at other people and make it look good. Get on your workout clothes and just do Two Minutes! Hell you don’t even need to put on workout clothes just get moving. Walking is great way to start and then take it from there. Commit to the Two minutes and then spice it up with some boxing, lunges, planks and the classic Jumping Jacks!!

I guarantee that if you do this you will see the results and you will feel the results and you know what once you are done heck yeah grab that blanket and chill on the couch and enjoy! The satisfaction will be there in knowing that you stuck to bettering your Physical Vitality.

Now let’s get started!

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