You ever hit that point when you are working out and the decision point comes to can I do one more pushup or run another 25 feet or throw another 10 punches or hold that plank for another 10 seconds?

I bet you have well we all have. This is that point where you either decide to quit or go for it and to be fair some times your body just cannot do it however a majority of the times you can go forward and this is where you need to Dig Deeper within you to do it.

When you make that decision to finish it out it is going bring some serious satisfaction that you pushed yourself a tad further then you thought you could and this is going to build massive momentum for you. Physical Vitality comes from times like these where you are able to push yourself beyond the threshold of the limitations you thought you had. It will fill you with an abundance of energy and improve your confidence.

So the next time you are working out and hit that point hit the pedal and Dig Deeper within you to finish out that workout.

Now let’s get started!

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