So getting fit and working out and living that healthy lifestyle are all great things that move you towards physical vitality. Living with energy and vibrance. You know Zestful! Another thing that you should incorporate into your daily routines is breathing. Hell I hear you laughing going yeah we need to breathe to stay alive which is pretty damn accurate now what I am talking about is taking time to

Give me 30

I bet you were thinking 30 pushups, right? No this is much more than that this is 30 days! We are talking about 30 days of commitment that is. Do I have your attention? Now is the time no more of this talking about it that you will workout and get in shape and then you have a “Not” today and then another and then another…. you get the point.

Dig Deeper

You ever hit that point when you are working out and the decision point comes to can I do one more pushup or run another 25 feet or throw another 10 punches or hold that plank for another 10 seconds? I bet you have well we all have. This is that point where you either decide to quit or go for it and to be fair some times your body

Get out of Neutral

Are you idling right now? Not feeling motivated? Stuck in the same spot? Not moving forward? Well here comes the kick in your ass you need to get moving and get going and most important…Get out of Neutral and let’s put your body into Drive! Today I want you to dedicate a small portion of your day to getting your body moving. I know you are saying how much time

Zest Up!

Everyday when we wake up we have the opportunity for a new beginning, new opportunities, new experiences and new changes we want to make in our lives basically we start fresh…clean the slate…and for the great things we have going on in our lives we can enhance them. So today is your day, your day to take the first step and take personal responsibility for you and you alone can

Take One

Exercising and Working out is not that hard, right? I know you are thinking who the hell are you to say that well straight up it is not! We all seem to make things harder then they really need to be. So let’s Take One! Take one exercise from walking to running to pushups to planks and let’s have at it. You know one exercise can be done in so

It’s a Marathon not a Damn Sprint!

The journey to physical vitality is not one that is completed in a 50 yard dash. It is a process that you have to be committed to for the long haul and while you are at it you have to enjoy the smell of the roses. Working out, staying fit, living a healthy lifestyle are not singular meaning we cannot do one and not the other to reach physical vitality.

Stop Making Excuses

How many times have you heard this? Well when it comes to getting into shape, starting to exercise and working out…excuses can halt you right in the tracks of making progress. It is time to put them away and be personally responsible. It starts now. Commit. Commit. Commit. Repetition is the mother of skill. In order for you to improve your physical vitality and health, you have to make this


One of the easiest ways to get started onto the path of physical vitality is to Walk! Walking for many that have not exercised in quite some time is a perfect way to break into the world of the many new exercises that await you. Walking can be one of the most stimulating and uplifting of the exercises since you do not need any special equipment and you can do

Shorten your workout

The days of having to workout hour upon hour are over for a large majority of people. We have many things that we want to spend our day doing outside of the most time consuming which is work! HIIT(High Intensity Interval Training) workouts have become more popular as you can really bust it for a short period of time and get maximum benefits. These types of workouts allow you to

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